The Best Real Estate App For Your Smartphone

The mobile app for your smartphone is definitely a must-have for anyone interested in real estate.  Whether you are actively looking to buy a home, currently selling one, or just curious about the market, the app is very cool! Even real estate agents are using this smartphone app to help get the job done.  (Yes, other agents besides me!)

I like this app mainly because of two features: the “Nearby Homes for Sale” button and the “Nearby Open Houses” button.  You can click either of these buttons for a location-based search of properties on the market and/or ones having an Open House.  So if you’re driving by a house with a for sale sign out front (assuming it’s listed with a Realtor) and you want more information, you can just click on the app and then Nearby Homes for Sale.  (After you’ve pulled your car over, of course.)  Once you click on the button a list of available homes pop ups and Voila! You can easily find the one you’re looking for.  You’ll get detailed information including price, acreage,  and square footage.  You can even see photos of the house if available (and they usually are).   

Sunday drives can even be a bit more productive with this app!  Is there a neighborhood that you like or want to live in?  If you happen to be in that area on a Sunday just click on the app on your phone and tap the Nearby Open Houses button.  Ding! A list pops up (or map view if you prefer) and you’re on your way to checking out the Open Houses in the neighborhood!

There are many more outstanding features to the app and I could go on, but the bottom line is that this is one cool app anyone interested in real estate should have on their phone! You can download the app at

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