Wallingford, CT Public Schools Information

Wallingford, CT School InformationIf you are thinking about moving to Wallingford, Connecticut and have a family you probably want information about the public schools in town.  Well let’s get to it.  The Wallingford public school system is comprised of 2 high schools, 2 middle schools and 8 elementary schools, divided between the East and West sides of town. There are a number of places you can get detailed information about each of the public schools in Wallingford, including my website.  Click the “Buying Your Home” tab along the top, then scroll down to “School Information.”  A window will pop up and you can search for reports on all public schools in Wallingford, Connecticut.  You can also search for information on private schools as well (there are a few in Wallingford).  In fact, you can also search for public and private school information in every town in Connecticut.  So if you are considering moving to North Haven, CT or Hamden, CT or any other town in Connecticut you can find school information for those towns too.

wallingford, connecticut school infoBack to Wallingford specifically, you can also find information about the public schools at the Board of Education’s website.  You’ll find all sorts of resources there, including links to each of the town’s public high schools and middle schools, as well as websites for all of the elementary schools in town. 

A look at Wallingford, Connecticut schools would not be complete without a mention of the town’s most famous school, Choate Rosemary Hall.  Famous almuni to this private boarding school include President John F. Kennedy, and actors Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Douglas among others.  If my memory serves me correctly, I believe Ivanka Trump went there as well.  And I only know that because I grew up in Wallingford and we “townies” (as the Choate students sometimes called us) always talked about the latest celebrity (or child of a celebrity) that was attending the school.  I remember when I was real young my Dad telling me that John Madden’s son was going to Choate.  I’m not even sure why I remember that one. It’s funny the things you remember from childhood.  But I digress… 

If you’re researching public schools in Wallingford, Connecticut I hope you found the above information helpful.  I’ll end the post with one last school link, but this one’s for you– not your kids! Click here to visit the Wallingford Adult Education website.  Because it is never too late to learn something new like bellydancing or Mandarin Chinese (real classes offered– check out the website!).  As their motto says, “Experience the Power of Lifelong Learning.”

Happy Learning Everyone!

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