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A Squirrel Tale

Squirrels can be the ultimate litter bugs. Sure they look sweet, but they can take a perfectly decent yard and turn it into the parking lot after a Dave Matthews Concert. Seriously, it’s like my yard is party central for all of the neighborhood squirrels. Of course it doesn’t help that the biggest nut-keg of them all is rooted right outside my back door. This enormous tree stands at least 40 feet tall and produces large nuts that make a loud “whump” sound when they hit the ground. If one falls on the gas grill you’d swear someone just thru a baseball at it. The noise is loud and can be quite startling! And based on the activity outside my kitchen window, this generous giver of all that is nutty is the main winter sustenance for dozens of happy squirrels.

For the past three weeks or so these furried nut munchers have been living it up in my yard and leaving the evidence all over my yard, walkways and driveway. Half-eaten nuts, broken apart nut shells, and newly-fallen, yet-to-be cracked nuts are scattered around my property like it’s the very first squirrel Thanksgiving and these little critters are determined to make the most of their new-found holiday. Now I’m all for having a good time, but at least clean up after yourselves! Is it too much to ask that the squirrels take the shells with them? I’m willing to compromise, even. How about just put them in little piles for pick-up? I clean up after my dog. I’d be willing to clean up some nuts here and there too.

I don’t remember the squirrels being like this when I was a kid. My parents never had a problem with rowdy squirrels. Just who is raising these squirrels today? Where are their squirrely parents? Aren’t they teaching them about respecting nature? It’s just nuts.

Luckily for me party season is coming to an end, so I know these wild nutlovers won’t be setting up shakedown in my backyard much longer. I just hope I don’t go nutty before then. It’s getting mighty squirrely ’round these parts!


New Haven County Market Trends Active vs. Sold 3/10-3/11

Take a look at the graph below for an interesting look at the real estate market in New Haven county from the past year.  This shows how many homes are on the market (single family homes and condos) each month and how many actually sold each month. 


I thought this graph was interesting because it shows how daunting it can be to sell a house today.  There is so much competition out there! For example, in March of this year 410 homes sold in New Haven county.  Not a bad number, but when you consider that’s not even 8% of the homes on the market in March it doesn’t sound terrific either.  

This is another reason why I stress to my seller-clients the importance of pricing your home correctly from the beginning.  Buyers are savvy and have done their homework.  They know what a home is generally worth and when it is priced accordingly the buyers in the market are interested in it.  Of course any home sale involves lots of negotiation, but you won’t get to that point if you can’t even get them in the door to look at your home because it is overpriced! The bottom line is that No Showings = No Offers. It’s pretty simple, actually.  And it’s amazing how the right price fixes lots of “perceived problems” a buyer may have with your home! 

If your home is currently on the market and is overpriced, a price reduction can do the same for you.  Sellers, don’t worry.  Buyers are not going to think something is wrong with your house if you lower your asking price (as I’ve heard from some clients in the past).  They will think you are motivated to sell it! 

Email me at for more specific market stats on your CT town!

P.S. April stats should be out next week! Stay tuned!

Easy Tips to Get Your Home Ready for the Spring Market

Spring is finally right around the corner!  If you’re planning on putting your home on the market anytime soon, make it more appealing for potential buyers (and yourself) with these quick (and relatively easy) tips:


1. Trim bushes around home so they don’t block windows or architectural details. 

2. Put a pot of bright flowers (or a small evergreen in winter) on your porch.

3. Install new doorknobs on your front door.

4. Repair any cracks in the driveway.

5. Edge the grass around walkways and trees.

6. Keep your garden tools and hoses out of sight.
7. Clear toys from the lawn.

8. Install a new mailbox.

9. Upgrade your outside lighting.

10. Buy a new doormat for the outside of your front door.

11. Clean your windows, inside and outside.

12. Polish or replace your house numbers.

13. Place a seasonal wreath on your door.


Whew!  After you’ve tackled all of that, take a break.  You’ve earned it!  Hopefully you’ll earn a few more looks from buyers too.  More looks mean more showings on your home.  And more showings usually lead to the word, S-O-L-D! 

Stat Sunday: New Haven County Market Report January 2011

Good News for Buyers!

Sales were down slightly last month in New Haven county when compared to January levels of the past two years.  There were 295 homes sold in New Haven County last month (single family homes and condos).  This is down nearly 30% from the 417 that were sold in January of 2010 and 42% lower than the 509 sales in December 2010.  Last month’s sales were at their lowest level compared to January of 2009 and 2010.   So all these stats don’t sound good for sellers, right?  Well, it’s not BAD for sellers, but it’s definitely better to be buying a house these days rather than selling one. 

I compiled market statistics for New Haven county for last month and have included the report here.  If you want market statistics for a specific Connecticut town please let me know.  I can research information like days on market, average sales price, selling price per square foot and much more.  Shoot me an email with your request and I’ll get you the stats right away.

Stat Sunday: New Haven County Market Report December 2010

Most people I know who are interested in Real Estate generally like to talk numbers. For them, and others like them, I’ve started, “Stat Sunday.” Each Sunday I’ll post some new markets statistics for your reading pleasure. 

This Sunday, I decided to start at home, with a Market Report jam packed with facts and figures on the real estate market here in New Haven County.  I figured I’d better get this report in before the calendar turned to February!

Let’s Talk Prices

The Median Sales Price in December was $210,700, up 5.4% from $199,900 in December of 2009 and up 12.4% from $187,500 last month. The Average Sales Price in December was $249,895, up 3.0% from $242,559 in December of 2009 and up 11.4% from $224,375 last month. December 2010 ASP was at a mid range compared to December of 2009 and 2008.

Want more statistics like Time on Market, List Price vs. Sold Price, etc? Click the link to read the full report in a .pdf file. New Haven County December 2010 

Contact Me If You’d Like Market Statistics On A Specific Town!

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